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We made communication with Ladies more comfortable because of our services. We have a lot of opportunities. Enjoy all of them!


Instant sending of messages
Letters are the main instrument for you of building up the relationship with the lady. It is considered that letters are the most intimate and romantic way of communication. In all times and ages loving couples have been sending each other letters delivered by the brave dove. Nowadays it's easier. There is no need in waiting for the most important message for months, there is no need to rewrite it 20 times just because your handwriting is not perfect enough and there`s no need in exploiting the poor bird. All you need just to press one button - and your message is delivered!
An opportunity of sending pictures and photos
Collecting the messages by the sign of a girl-receiver
Looking through the messages in the regime of "history of correspondence"
Translation of letters
Notification by post


The built-in catalogue of presents
What may make the lady be happy more than the present? Of course, the present from you!
Do you have the anniversary of corresponding?
Does your girl have her birthday or you just want to give the pleasure to your lady?
Don`t waste your time! Choose the present from the built-in catalogue! The catalogue presents flowers, sweeties, baskets with products and fruit, the soft toys and many other things! All of them differ by the size, amount and cost! You will surely find the appropriate choice for you!
The choice of presents which your lady will obviously like
The easy order (one click)
No problems with the addresses


The own list of the ladies you liked
Are you the punctual and clever man, do you like the right and definite order?
Then this function is for you! Any girl you liked you can put in the favorites.
It`s a good way to create your own collection of the most beautiful ladies, isn`t it?
Now there is no need to look constantly in search to choose the lady that you want to communicate with today! All of them are instead of your eyes!
Have you decided to put in the favorites those girls from whom you have the letters?
Nice idea because every woman added in your list will be specially marked during the search. In such a way you will never forget whom you communicate with even if your lady will change the photos! The suitable instrument which you can tune just as you want!

Watching video-clips

Are you afraid of the fact that your lady looks not like in the photo?
Do you want to see a piece of her real life?
Now you have got such an opportunity! Many ladies have their video clips. They will tell you much more than the photos!

Sending winks

There are some ways to get acquainted with a lady. One of them is to send the wink.
Do you know what is it?
Wink means – I like you! Just press the smile in the lady`s profile and her heart will not stay indifferent! If you get the same in reply then there`s no sense to wait! She wants to get acquainted with you and start relationship! Act now! The start of acquaintance has never been so simple!

Little gifts

Do you think how to conquer the heart of the most unapproachable lady?
May be you will start from the little gift?
All girls like the attention and your beloved is not exception.
So why not to make her pleasure and send her the key ring, for example?
It is a trifle at first sight but it is always going to be with her that`s why pleasant thoughts about you are guaranteed for her! One click and you will be forever in thoughts of your beloved!

Request for contacts

Are you ready for the direct communication?
Do you want to hear the voice of your darling or just get to know everything about her?
Order her contact information and you will get her name, surname, phone number and even e-mail (if she has it)! You will have all the contact information and as it`s well-known who owns the information that person owns the world!

Looking through the picture-galleries of the ladies

Are you tired of the small pictures from the sites, where you hardly can see the face of the lady?
Forget about it! There are only high quality and large pictures of the ladies in our galleries!
It`s no need to multiply 10 times the photo of the lady and see as a result just the vague lines of the face to understand what is the color of your girl`s eyes! In "" you`ll be able to see all what you want because our photos are not just big but they are very big!
You don`t believe it, do you? Then check it up!

Phone calls

All the hardest things we will do ourselves!
The free translation

Restoring the password

Have you forgotten the password?
It`s not a problem at all and may be corrected! We will not remind you your password as we don`t know it.
But we will be able to help you.
Our clever system has an unusual memory - one click and your problem is completely solved!
Do you dream about the young blue-eyed blond of 20 years old Libra living in Kiev having 170 cm height and weighing 55 kg, without children who doesn`t drink alcohol or smoke and knows English?
Take the search by criteria and be sure you have already found her!

Letters to Mariya (Support)

Mariya is not just the support!
She is a lady who created this site.
She has found her husband through the Internet and now she helps other people to find their happiness!
She knows better what everybody needs!
She may be asked any questions from technical items to the questions about the concrete lady!
She is an excellent adviser!
We turn ourselves to her for advice!

Looking through the profile of the lady

Did you like the photos of the lady?
Now it`s just the time to read her profile. The whole information you are interested in is here! You have never got such a full picture with one look! Do you want to know about her character, interests, profession, age, children, family situation, bad habits and even the type of men she likes most of all? Then read and make your conclusions!

Notification by email

Do you have no time to visit the site often and check whether there is a letter from your beloved?
You don`t need it! The clever system will tell you of everything that has happened in the site during your absence! Check your email and you will see if there are new letters, winks, whether your gift delivered or not, whether you have got the contact information or not, when you are going to have the phone cal or videoconference! You will be always in the stream of the current events! This service is completely free!

Your own profile

You like the girls have your own profile. Here you can show the creativity and unordinary temper!
Are you fond of underwater swimming and look for a girl who will share your hobby?
Do you look for a girl from 20 to 25 years old?
Do you want to tell her about your character?
Wonderful! Write about it in your profile! You can write here everything you want!
And don`t forget about your photo.
Choose and place the pictures which present you in the best way!
You can place as many photos as you need – this service is absolutely free!


The history of the purchases
Don`t you want to repeat the present and the same time you don`t remember what you have presented?
Don`t waste your time on remembering of unnecessary information!
In the History of the presents you always can see information about your previous orders!
Here you can not only see the previous orders but also see what is the state of your new order!
The history of the orders of the phone calls
The history of the all financial operations


Dear Visitor, we understand that you are here to meet your ideal Ukrainian bride! Our dating service Mariya Club proposes you great variety of serious women seeking men and we are sure that right here there is the one for you! We are a dating service and we did all the best to make this internet dating the most interesting and easy for you to use! First of all we are here to help and we put our soul and heart into this work!!! But of course there is some work need to be done by you! You need to be sincere and open and tell us in your profile a little about you! You can create your profile for free and it will not take much time. And of course it would be great you upload some photos! Photo is the first thing lady will see, please remember it!


There are so many beautiful Ukrainian women on our dating service and we are sure you have already found the one you are captivated by! We want to suggest our assistance in attracting your lady's attention and to start dating Ukrainian ladies! We advise you to use winks - as smile always catches everybody's attention! But if you are definitely sure in your choice we advise do not waste time and send her a letter! Introduce yourself and send her flowers! As at all times men bring flowers for the first date. So you have an opportunity to be a real gentleman and put a smile on your lady's face! Make your acquaintance unforgettable! Fill your communication with happiness, love and romance!
For Billing Inquiries, or to cancel your membership,
please visit, our authorized sales agent.

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