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Sometimes relationships need a second chance

I do believe in fate, so if you are supposed to be together you will be together no matter how difficult it seems at first. I believe in soulmates and that some people were made for each other. I think that our love story will make you believe in fate as well.

Sometimes relationships need a second chance

Me and Chris have met one year ago, so this meeting was our second time seeing each other. To be honest, it is not so easy to have a long distance relationship, especially when you are from different cultural backgrounds. Chris is a man who likes to do things fast, so his goal was to get married right away. And I am a bit different, I need to know a man well before I decide to marry him because I want to be with one man for the rest of my life. So that’s why we had some misunderstandings. Chris has decided that he cant wait until I make up my mind, so he continued his search, but we have been keeping in touch. He met with several ladies, but as he told me that with none of them he felt the same way as he did with me. And so we have decided to meet again and see how we will about each other. This time we felt more relaxed with each other and Chris showed me how he really cared for me when he booked a room in Hilton for me, although he was staying at another hotel. I think it was a really nice gesture, and it showed me his big heart. He wanted me to feel comfortable and treated me like a real lady. We had a wonderful weekend together and hope this time everything will work out and we will build a soild relationship! Chris and I are very happy that we have given each other a second chance!
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